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Hi there! My name is Al Dea. I write about how the workplace is changing and the implications for leaders and employees. I’m a facilitator, keynote speaker, author, and podcast host. I previously was a Product Marketer at Salesforce, and a Management Consultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP.

I think, write, and advise companies and leaders who want to stay ahead on topics like attracting and retaining talent, leadership and culture. In addition to research and advising, I spend my days coaching and training employees on how to be effective people managers, communicators, and collaborators in a changing world of work.

My mission is to help leaders create engaged, sustainable, and healthy workplace cultures that enable people to use their talents and potential to make an impact .

What to expect:

This is a weekly newsletter, I try to publish at least once a week.

Every week, I write and share insights and learnings on how work is evolving, and what it means for leaders I also will pass along links to articles, blogs, podcasts, and social media posts that I think are relevant.

My goal is to give you the reader new ideas to ponder, actionable tactics to try, and stories that inspire leader to build better companies and cultures that unleash the potential and performance of their people.

Who Reads This?

Great question! I’m a product marketer, so I have to be thoughtful about who my audience is. That said, I strongly believe anyone can benefit from this. But here are some guiding principles

  • People Studying and Working on The Future of Talent and the Workplace - You are in the profession of recruiting, developing, or growing talent (Leadership Development Talent Development, Learning and Development, Organizational Development)

  • Professionals in The Professional Education, Learning, and Hiring Businesses - People that work for startups, services companies or associations that have a hiring, learning or leadership development business

  • Leaders who want to manage in a human-centered way - You are growing a business/team/organization want to get better at fostering better relationships with your direct reports, bosses, or cross functional peers

  • Career Development Minded Professionals - You value growth, learning, and are curious about ideas for how to improve yourself and work toward the next step of your career

Past Writing:

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I'm a Leadership & Talent Development Facilitator, Podcaster & Consultant. I help leaders build their culture and grow their people, and advise organizations on workplace trends.